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May 2012

Time Travel

Mishmash of sorts...

A grueling month this has been.
The month of May seems never-ending.
Another eight days to go.
And I wish it goes away soon.
Samsara or Khorwa as the Tibetans term it,
is all about the cycle of birth, life, death, rebirth or reincarnation.
So it’s a continuous process.
You go up; you come down, the ladder of life .
And when you are up, when you see the sun shining brightly on you,
you wear your shades, but then you still like it.
You like the brightness.
Everyone around you seems to be as happy as you are.
They might not be but do you care?
Really care to know what they are going through?
As long as you are happy… you feel the whole world is too…
singing that happy song like the way you do.
But then this is not always the case.
Just flip the page my friend.
Just that one page and you may find a different story altogether.

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