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May 2009


1. I live life King Size… at least I try, but there are times when I get miserable; when things don’t go the way I wished…

2. I think the saying “if there’s light, there is darkness too; if there’s good there’s evil and if there’s God then there’s Satan too”… hold true!

3. If life had been a vacation I’d love to be in Fiji!

4. I listen to advices but might not necessarily implement each and every one… I’d rather filter it and take those which satisfy my own rationale!

5. Life sure has been a roller coaster ride for me, but I’ve been through it without giving up and looking back now I think I’ve enjoyed that roller coaster ride.

6. There are some people I wish I never met and then there are those I wished I had met them earlier then I did!

7. Never thought motherhood would change the meaning of my life until I became one!

8. If God grants me a second life I’d love to be the way I am now… aah! Maybe could do with a less extra pounds on my waistline!

9. That I am lucky to have Nirav & he is equally lucky to have me is mutually exclusive!

10. If I was a musician I’d surely be a bass guitarist … or a drummer!

11. If I had taken the game of tennis seriously when my dad insisted I wish I had listened to him… now it’s no point mulling over it!

12. Sketching is not my forte. I am hopeless!

13. One thing I’ve realized is if you look before you leap, you may never have to leap at all.

14. Waking up early in the morning is not as terrible as I always thought.

15. Life might not always give me a second chance, so why not grab those opportunities coming my way?

16. A simple equation always seems “too much math” for me!

17. Multi Tasking is a way of life.

18. Cooking is actually not rocket science at all!

19. I wish I was a bit more diplomatic when it comes to handling relationships.

20. For me its either black or white. There ain’t room for grey areas.

21. If it hadn’t been for my parents I’d never been here writing this in the first place… lots of love to them always.

22. Meditation is a great stress buster.

23. It’s a small world and Face Book testifies that!

24. If I could punch someone on the face I’d definitely knock a few people down!

25. I am not an anti social but somehow the very thought of visiting relatives and gossiping over hot cuppa teas & samosas isn’t my idea of spending quality time!

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