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An ode to my Friends and other Devils!

A light sleeper that I am, I logged in to my messenger at the wee hour of the morning today. The very act of grabbing my phone while I was still groggy and in a semi dream like state of mind was only to know what time it was. After a dry and hot spell, the weather has been really good this weekend. It's been raining on and off. Occasional thunder squalls with lightning and clouds roaring, it been drizzling on. So it was 4:32 a.m exactly. I sat up, did a few rounds of deep breathing. Outside the sun was just beginning to rise. Was it being lazy today? Or was it the rain to be blamed? I could hear the birds chirping - the sounds are different. Too many species around I know. But I for the life of mine cannot identify birds - except for the regular crows, pigeons, dove and parrots.
The deep breathing I did made me all the more fresher and sleep was gone completely. But instead of getting out of the bed, I continued to fiddle with my phone randomly logging into my Facebook at that hour of the morning. And I must say this - Facebook gives me all the news and gory details of all and sundry. Its like a newspaper for me. As I scrolled my homepage I got a few juicy gossips and without even blinking an eyelid I immediately messaged my chirpy friend. And there he was online too... at that hour of the morning! He admitted that he knew about it and we dug deep into the matter without a care in the world and had a good laugh at the expense of our so called pop star "friend"!
So why was my friend who is chirpier than a bird awake so early? I know he sleeps very late, but this was unusual. I did not ask him. I assumed either he had not slept the whole night and was still strumming his guitar or maybe he slept very early to have woken up at the crack of dawn. But he proved me wrong. It was a horrid dream that woke him up he said. He was gorging on mutton he said. It felt so real that he woke up salivating!
And I had a mighty laugh.
We both have been on a restricted diet for a long time now and we keep updating our progress. There are times and moments when we binge, indulge and wear the "to hell with diet & exercise" attitude. I was craving for a king sized chicken burger with cheese and mayonnaise in plenty for the last few days and a day ago he was at the food joint where I wanted to be too for the burger. As rude and cheeky as a good friend can be and also get away with it without getting arrested, Mr. Chirpy Chirp sends me a picture of all that he was eating. I kept deleting the pictures and he kept sending it again.
"Why this torture? Why didn't you at least say that you were planning to go there?", I asked him.
He smiled and said, "But you were to attend a wedding today. So I did not ask you. Plus as far as I can recall you were supposed to be on the fifth day of your G.M. Diet!!!"
"My diet went for a toss. Yes I am off carbs and sweets still but am not following the diet. I gave up yesterday", I replied.
I was so tempted to go and eat that burger to my heart's content that yesterday being rainy and gloomy, I still went ahead with my plan. And as luck would have had and like the saying goes - Man proposes God disposes - the restaurant was closed!
When I told my chirpy buddy about it, he laughed liked mad and again sent me those pictures!
But now that his sleep was gone for all the mutton curry he dreamt I can actually say that at least now we are even. The score is one all.

This is how it is between us - we both can talk non-stop without breathing and you know how it is - if I call him or he calls me we don't even say the "Hello"... we start from the point we had left and this goes on till our phone batteries give up.
Its nice to have you as a buddy Chirpy Chirp. I love you just the way you are. The way you make me laugh. Your logic makes more sense. You are not judgmental. You let me be me.

Thank you! If I ever say all this to you I am sure you will think I am out of my mind. Because we are past that stage of our friendship where we need to assure each other.

Its just a feeling I had, so I wrote it down. And it gives me a great sense of achievement that our scores are one all!!!

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