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A Brand New Year!

Happy 2014 world!

I have been just plain lazy to sit and write. There were thoughts - thousands of them and I knew I had to get them out into words and make sentences but then it just did not happen.

So on the last day of the year I put a "public" update on Facebook and sent all my best wishes and also added ..."And tonight party like nobody's business... shake a leg... sing a song... eat without worrying (all the ones who goes veggie on Tuesdays)... drink a good scotch... and find someone responsible to drive you back home!!! "

A friend who knows me to be a party animal of sorts joked as asked me, "So tell me Nan... who is dropping you home tonight?"

Dropping me home!? Hello! Listen... I've been home on New Year's Eve for the last six years. I think I overdid that "party" bit and now I enjoy my aloneness more than music blaring from huge sound systems... people spilling their drinks in their expensive dresses and talking insanely.

Yes... I still love my Teachers 50. I like to have a decent and interesting conversation one on one as Floyd or The Doors plays on. At times I also enjoy Dualist Inquiry or maybe Ministry of Sound. Eating some coleslaw and grilled chicken too. But going out and partying is not me anymore.

While browsing my Facebook homepage yesterday evening and today morning as I was sipping tea I saw all and sundry (sundry is the category where I add a friend's wife I am very formal with... or maybe an ex-colleague's hot and happening sister etc all... basically the wannabes and the ones who try too hard to prove something which I have not been able to figure out so far!).

Oh man! Of all the things long and short - the LBD (Little Black Dress) sure takes the cake. Women of all sizes can wear it and can not go wrong but then again you must understand and realize the cut which suits your body type. There where the error is.

Then I see this girl call Al... She wore a LRD (Little Red Dress)... full of glitters with a plunging neck line and a pair of matching calf length red boots.
But dear Al... why wear a high neck navy blue inner under that LRD? When you were posing for the pictures where you so desperately wanted to look a stunner why were you looking so nervous? And if you want me to be fake a put a "like" on those three photographs you posted, you are wrong. You do not know me. I'd appreciate the woman standing next to you who looked very graceful and elegant in a silk saree holding a glass of unfinished scotch. Well who??? Oh! You did not notice her. I know she was not with you neither was your companion. She just happened to get photographed along with you and sad that you did not crop the photograph... see this mysterious woman just stole all the attention you were so badly craving for!

And then there is this Miss Socialite. Let her call S. She flew some thousand air miles to party. And today morning Miss S posted her photographs. Miss S looks all the same. Whether she is wearing a LBD or a bikini. She never smiles because she confesses that her set of teeth is very ugly! She has one shade of lip colour she wears it everywhere. No Miss S. I am not putting a "like" or commenting anything on your pictures. Please! Show me something new and then maybe I will too comment something which I genuinely feel for you!

Wasn't that a whole lot of bitching I did?

On a personal note 2013 has been not too bad for me. Met some good people and met some equally bad people - the bastards.

The bastards - I can write about them later... but the ones with whom I bonded are the ones I know I still long to see and I know they will be with me for years to come.

I also realized that keeping my head firmly above my heart is the best way to deal with relationships.

I achieved my fitness goal - I could fit in to my old pair of denims effortlessly. That was my "agenda" when 2013 had begun. I had put on a lot of weight and I looked ugly. I knew I had to do something about it at the earliest. And one fine day I started Yoga. And it was no looking back from there on.
I am now two size smaller, weighing fifteen kilos lesser and more confident!

And that Arnab Goswami on Times Now is not that bad after all.

And yes now that I have graduated from rum to whiskey I can say for sure... if you enjoy your whiskey and drink slowly you won't get a hangover next morning.

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