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A few moments worth


He said he was in the railway station looking form me.
“Railway Station! Out of all places”; you may wonder.
But I wasn’t surprised. Nor was I bowled over. So what if it was about midnight?
Our last meeting was in this same station where I bid him goodbye with a heavy heart, running nose, watery eyes and a hoarse voice! And it was one of those rare occasion when I realized I’d miss him much.
He had these feeling running in him much before than me… I was seeing him off in the airport and I could feel the salty tears trickling from his eyes on to my cheeks as we hugged each other firmly. This was during one of our first few meetings.
We bumped into each other during Bhai’s wedding. He was Bhai’s best man.
Even before meeting him I had heard enough of him and I had a picture of him in my mind made. It’s altogether a different story that the picture I had in my mind and the way he looked quite didn’t match. It’s a different story because his namesake is the one who’d come to my mind every time he would be in our discussion.
But one thing was sure right from day one. We knew that we would be in each other’s good books. We never tried to impress, we didn’t try to act smart or for that matter woo each other. Not because we ran out of ideas but because in the back of our minds we knew exactly well that all this would lead to nowhere.
They say there is a time, place and age for everything… and without a doubt I adhere to it. Because there has been times and instances when we were lost in our own world of dreams, a world we had made for ourselves only, where it was ghastly to be sad, terrifying to be lonely and horrible to feel old! And it made both of us happy. We would giggle like fifteen year olds in love for the first time, our heart pulsating more than it usually did, we lived for the moment and we lived like there would be no tomorrow.
We were fulfilling each other’s vacuum; we didn’t have to ask reasons. We spoke to each other round the clock, be it on the phone or in our silence. We were together day in and day out updating ourselves with our minutest of details. It’s again a different story that we were thousands of miles away.
For a change the world looked beautiful. Everything around us seemed bright, happy and cheerful. And this momentary chapter in our lives termed as “happiness” was unquestionably a treasure for a lifetime.
Was everything going too smooth? Are tales with twists and turns better than mundane affairs of life?
Everything seemed smooth for us because we listened to only those tunes we wanted, we saw only those images we wished and erased all the ground realities without much fuss. We were both running away from reality.

This is not a love story with a happy ending; it’s not something you’d term as “tragic comic” either. It’s about two sane people meeting in very ordinary circumstances and gradually realizing that they had somehow missed the bus!
He was hurt and lonely and so was she. But they had different reasons to be so alike.
A broken relation, friends drifting offshore and coming back to an empty home-his only solace was his music, he rightfully treated his music as his loyal wife!
Yet he knew he could not be with her…
While she looked happy and was the life everywhere she went, deep inside she was hollow and empty. Something had died. She stopped dreaming about the good things in life. Life seemed so perfect for her, yet there was something terribly wrong.
Her marriage…
And perhaps this brought them so close to each other.
It was just being there which mattered. Plain friendship, where one could be just his or her own self, without a mask, sans the veil.
But everyone got it so damn wrong. Everyone had an opinion about it, they felt
jaded and they tried reading between the lines when there wasn’t anything to read and things were as clear as crystal water. Or perhaps they felt left out!
… and that’s how it goes.. and it’s a few moments worth….

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